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We at Safety Works, LLC value your business now, more than ever!

Dear Valued Customers,

We at Safety Works LLC value your business now, more than ever! We are committed to continuing business through COVID with all the proper protocols. We have implemented many blended and online courses to continue training while keeping everyone's health as the most important part of our business. We are still providing in-person training, drug testing, and consulting services as well. We continue to be a 24/7 business to keep all of our customers running smoothly. Please don't hesitate to call at any time 701-483-9212, and one of us will be on the other end of the line for any of your needs. Currently, we are open for walk-in business Monday-Friday from 8am-3pm and after that by appointment. Our walk-in service is still as fast as ever to keep our clients working. Safety Works has added the newest protocol for fit testing, utilizing the PortaCount 8040. This fit testing machine provides the newest form of quantitative fit test that is not only mobile, but is also much faster. Safety Works will continue to hold weekly PEC Safeland, PEC H2S Clear, ASHI First Aid/CPR/AED courses and much more. No matter how much COVID impacts our ability to be in person, we can provide much of this training via distance learning as well. We hope the holiday season will be plentiful for you all!

Safety Works, LLC

Jodi ~ Summer ~ Sue ~ Mary Ann

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