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Now offering ECCS

Safety Works, LLC is now offering ECCS (Energy Coalition for Contractor Safety) for Program Setup and Maintenance, and the ECCS Refresher Course. The ECCS Program Setup and Maintenance includes, evaluating and updating your companies Safety Manual, adding or modifying exsisting programs, and submitting for approval.

The ECCS Refresher Course is an 8 hour course that you are only eligible to take if you have previously completed OSHA10, or OSHA30 within the last 3 years. Once one of these courses is completed the ECCS Refresher course is available to be taken every 3 years.

If you or your company is interested in learning more about ECCS Program Setup and Maintenance, please call Liz at 701-483-9212.

ECCS Refresher Course, please call Jodi at 701-483-9212

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