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Top Dog Safety Services

The primary goal of Top Dog Safety Services is to bring an affordable, reliable, and readily available K-9 narcotics detecting service to Western North Dakota and Eastern Montana.


Each of our handlers has a minimum of five years experience in the handling of Police K-9's and narcotics detection. Each of our K-9's has been, or is currently certified through multiple accreditied and nationally recognized organizations. Our K-9's must also meet nationally recognized standards in narcotic detection before they can be accepted and utilized in the course of our business activities.


Top Dog Safety Services has the ability to service any job, no matter how big or small. We have the ability to bring anywhere from one to five dogs to your site of choice depending on the intesity of search you wish to have, or the impression you wish to leave.


Our primary K-9 / Handler Team is Corey Lee and K-9 Buster. Corey and Buster have been in business of detecting narcotics for over 7 years. During those 7 years, K-9 Buster has had over 300 street finds and has received multiple trophies and awards, including a coveted Top Dog award, while competing in competitions in North Dakota and Minnesota.


Our Teams are certified in and can detect the odors of Marijuana, Synthetic Marijuana, Heroin, Meth, and Hash Oil. 


Although several of the handlers included with Top Dog Safety Services are licensed law enforcement officers, we will not take legal action while on your sites, nor will we disclose any of our findings to any outside person or entity. Handlers will not be operating as law enforcement officers while at your site, rather they will be under your employ just as any other subcontractor you would utilize. 


If you wish to contact local law enforcement after a find is made Top Dog Safety Services will fully cooperate with local law enforcement at your request.


If you have any specific questions in regards to your company, or our operating procedures, feel free to contact us at your convenience to schedule a meeting or a Q and A Session.

- Corey Lee


You can contact Top Dog Safety Services by reaching out to us here at Safety Works, LLC at 701-483-9212.


Thank you 

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